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The Chester County Historical Society (CCHS) is a nonprofit educational institution that promotes an understanding of the history of Chester County and southeastern Pennsylvania, and its relationship to the region and the nation.

Founded by local citizens in 1893, CCHS’s early years were occupied with collecting items of historical value, dedicating historical markers and searching for a permanent home. Those years created the nucleus of today’s extensive library collections, which today include over 500,000 manuscripts, 20,000 volumes, and what one author in National Genealogical Society Quarterly called “one of the state’s best collections of newspaper clippings.”

In 1938, CCHS moved into historic Horticultural Hall, and expanded to 48,000 sq. ft by moving into the adjoining YMCA building in the middle of downtown West Chester. Succeeding years consolidated a strong emphasis on the collection of regional furniture, textiles and decorative arts objects, as well as material representing all aspects of life in southeastern Pennsylvania. Today, the museum collection contains over 80,000 artifacts.

Horticultural Hall was modernized in 1979 to improve collections management and increase exhibition space. In the early 1980s, CCHS initiated a joint project with Chester County government to administer the Chester County Archives, adding 300 years of public records to its care, one of the finest and most complete collections of historic county records in the nation. CCHS also established its photo archives, which encompasses more than 80,000 images dating from the early 1840s.

Throughout its history, CCHS’ library has collected materials documenting the diversity of the county, from the 1680s to the present. Beginning with the first donation to CCHS back in 1893, our manuscripts have now grown to number over 500,000 items and include both personal and family papers, as well as the records of businesses, organizations, churches and schools throughout Chester County. Over 25,000 published volumes fill our Library. We have an extensive collection of genealogies, plus many books and periodicals covering state and local history (including works on neighboring states and counties). Chester County newspapers are available on microfilm, CD and in our renowned newspaper clippings file. A collection of local historic maps will aid both the property and family researcher. Federal and state census records, in-house databases, and a new and growing collection of online history articles as well as many additional resources are available for use by researchers.

Civil War Collection:

Guide to Civil War Manuscripts

Below is an alphabetical list of Civil War related manuscripts in the library’s collections. Most of this list consists of letters and diaries written by soldiers, as well as records of regiments with strong connections to Chester County, such as the 97th and 124th.

When we were able to identify the regiment a soldier belonged to, we noted that information. In addition, when we came across letters and diaries kept by local citizens who did not serve in the military, but wrote about the war in their diaries or sent letters to soldiers, we included them too. It is very likely that as we continue to explore this time period in our history, we will uncover more Civil War documents in our collections and will add them to the list.

All of the documents listed below are available to researchers in our library. Documents may be requested by filling out a call slip and listing the classification and/or Ms. number(s) that follow the document’ s description. Manuscript collections may be accessed through their finding aids located on the shelf under the photo collection guides (please ask if you have trouble finding these!). If you have any questions about this guide or any of the items listed, please let us know.

This Guide to Civil War Manuscripts, along with the finding aids to many of the manuscript collections listed below, is the result of a grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Without financial support from the PHMC, this project would not have been possible.

[no surname], Caroline. Letter, May 14, 1862, to “My dear niece,” (Sarah M. [?]), written from Kent. L. 17498

[no surname], James. Letter, August 8, 1861, to his mother, written from Camp [Yennaly] L. 17496

[no surname], James. Letter, 1861, to “Cousin Rettie,” from Camp Pierpont, [VA]. L. 21049

[no surname], Joseph. Letter, January 18, 1864, to his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Pugh, written from Camp near Mitchel Station. Ms. 14281

Abbot, G. J. Letter, April 9, 1862, to Uriah Hunt Painter, concerning letters in newspaper on the Civil War. L. 24551

Abel, George Washington. Letters, 1863, to Uriah V. Pennypacker, regarding commission in Army and to Col. R.H. Guss, 97th Regt. PA V., written from S. Carolina. Member of Co. C, 97th Regt. L. 1, 17505

Aldred, W. L. Letter, April, 18, 1862, to brother, written from Camp Fisher. Ms. 13081

Ash, Thomas A. Letters, 1864 to family, written from Fort McHenry, etc. L. 24394-24397

Ashbrook, S. C. Letter, 1862 to Uriah Hunt Painter, concerning newspaper reporting of the Civil War. L. 24557

Babb, John H. Letters, 1864-1865 to Townsend Haines, written from MD and VA. Member Co. M, 20th Pa Cavalry. Ms. 2901, 8938-8939

Baker, Phineas M. Letters, 1861, to his mother, [copies of letters]. L. 24420

Baldwin, Benjamin F. Letter, June 17, 1863, to his sister, Annie S. Johnson, written from Washington, N.C. Member Co. F, 175th PA. Ms. 29413

Baldwin, Pratt. Letter, June 5, 1862, to his mother, written from camp near Fredericksburg. L. 17506

Barrett, Joseph H. Letter, August 18, 1865, to Abel Griffith. Ms. 7885

Bartam, Mordecai. Diary, 1855-1873, Kennett Township. Includes comments on Civil War battles and Lincoln’s death. Diary Collection

Beale, Horace A. Commission of September 13, 1862 and list of signatures of those volunteering for service, [not dated but likely September 1862]. Beale is first signature of forty-one and writer of opening paragraph, “to unite ourselves in a volunteer company for the protection of the state of Pennsylvania.” Member of 21st PA Volunteer Militia. Ms. 7400-7401

Bell, Thomas S.Papers, 1861-1862. Also diaries. Lieut. Col. Bell was killed at Antietam on September 17, 1862. Member 51st PA. Ms. Collection 173, Diary Collection

Bennett, Edwin. Letter, April 14, 1870, to Washington Townsend, regarding petition for help with his pension (Edwin Bennett, Sgt., Co A, 51st PVI (enlisted August 31, 1861, discharged September 17, 1862, wounded at battle of Antietam). L. 11319

Bernard, A. A. Letter to Newlin E. Passmore. Member of 127th Regt. L. 17507

Birney, C. H. Letters, 1862-1865 to friend. L. 5264-5365

Blakeslee, William R. Diaries, 1862-1863, and medical history of the 115th PA V. Dr. Blakeslee, of Coatesville, served as surgeon in the 115th Regt. PA V. Ms. 3310, 3379-3380

Boyd, Andrew. Letters, 1861 to Hugh E. Steele, written from Camp Griffin. L. 23705-23706

Brinton, Daniel Garrison, Dr.Papers, 1863-1899. Ms. Collection 177

Brinton, William B. Letters, 1864-1865 to his parents. L. 22405-22406, L. 9803

Broomall, John. Letter, July 25, 1867, to Washington Townsend in regard to reconstruction and the Republican party. [on reverse of circular, July 20,1867, “Union Republican Congressional Executive Committee,” committee includes John A. Logan and John M. Broomall] L. 11490

Broomall, John G. Letter, January 13, 1866, Washington, to John J. Parker, on governing with “Rebel” leaders after the war. Ms. 28463

Brosius family.Correspondence, 1858-1890. Ms. Collection 114

Brosius, Marriott. Letter, 1864 to cousin, written from General Hospital, Chester [Pa.]. L. 22344

Brown, F. E. Letter, January 29, 1863 to David Beaumont, written from Fernandina, Florida [97th PVI] to West Chester [Pa.]. L. 17524

Brown, William Harvey. Papers, 1821-1921. Ms. Collection 138.

Brown, T. Yardley. Letter, July 18, 1863 to parents, from Hagerstown. L. 17525

Bryan, Sarah. Letter, 1861 to son, written from Camp Cameron. L. 17526

Bull, S. O. [Samuel Octavius]. Letters, 1862-1865. Member Co. A, 53rd PA. L. 4041-4042, L. 4092-4101

Carl, H. Letters, 1863, to Penrose W. Brownback, written from Virginia to Vincent P. O.. L. 17527-17528

Carpenter, E. W. Letters, 1861-1862 to sister Josephine W. Carpenter and to friend, written from Washington. L. 7854, 17529

Cassell, John. Pass to go through the lines, July 5, 1864 to E.D. Haines and family. Ms. 5090

Chester and Delaware Mounted Rifles. Document, 1861, signed by members. Roll of Co. A, pledge to serve 3 months, “to support the Union and the constitution in this hour of our countries [sic] peril.” Ms. 31435-31436

Chester County, PA. List of cemeteries of Chester County listing names of war veterans through World War I (presented to CCHS by Commissioners of Chester County). Ms. 37178

Cheyney, Alice. Diary, 1863. Cheyney, of Wallingford, mentions the Civil War quite often but stops after Gettysburg. Diary Collection

Chrisman, Henry E. Letter, February 2, 1863 to Uriah V. Pennypacker, concerning draft substitute. L. 211

Christman, E. L. Letters, 1862-1863, and enclosure regarding drafted men. L. 7448-745, L. 2, Ms. 7411-7412

Christman, Jeff. Letter, 1864 to Aunt and Uncle. L. 6953

Civil War Collection.Miscellaneous regimental records, etc., 1861-1967. Ms. Collection 181

Clayton, P. [Philip?] Accounts, February 23, 1863, to C.G. Menninger; Sec. of Treasury, from Clayton- Sec of Treasury - Asst., Confederate States of America, Richmond Va.; accounts of officers. Ms. 120

Clemens, James P. Letter, January 20, 1862. Ms. 14282

Colehouers, Peter. Receipt for bounty, April 20, 1965. Ms. 114

Collis, Charles H. T. Letter, January 4, 1863, to Gen. John C. Robinson, transfer of regiment. L. 6009

Confederate States of America. Notice taken from the door of the Confederate House, dated January 2, 1865. (Notation that taken by a Union soldier from West Chester on April 5, 1865.) Ms. 9192

Confederate States of America. Pass, March 26, 1864, Transportation Office, Quartermaster’s  Department, Dalton, GA. Pass for transportation from Atlanta to Lexington. Ms. 9190

Conrad, Cornel. Letter, 1863 to cousin Sarah Jane Roberts, written from camp before the Battle of Vicksburg. L. 17004

Cooper, Phineas. Letter, 1865 to friend Sarah Jane Roberts, written from N. Carolina. L. 17015

Cornish, A. Letter and certificate as to his condition, August 1862. Ms. 28431, Ms. 28438

Cornog, George T. Letter, 1861 to William Darlington, Esq., concerning raising a troop for the war. Member Co. B, 11th PA Cavalry. Ms. 17380

Curtin, Andrew Gregg. Letter to Horace A. Beale. Ms. 7396

Dampman, Peter. Letter, June 17, 1865 to Uriah V. Pennypacker, concerning draft. L. 371

Darlington, Isaac G. Letter, June 19, 1863 to Joshua Howell in Philadelphia, about ice cream (note on letter indicates that during Sanitary Fair in Philadelphia, Howell ordered ice cream from Darlington’s Brandywine Farm). Ms. 2975

Darlington, Joseph B. Letters, 1861-1864 to family, also Diary, 1861-1862 [typed transcript]. Ms. 10375, 34072-34073

Darlington, William. Letter, 1864 to Samuel Dickey. concerning Philadelphia & Baltimore Central Rail Road. L. 4417

Darlington, William Henry. Letters, 1862-1862, to family. L. 5294, 17530-17531

Davis, Brooke. Letter, 1865 to cousin, written from Goldsboro. L. 17532

Davis, Jeremiah. Letter, 1864, written from Fort Green. L. 17533

Davis, Thomas D. Letters, 1856-1863 to Davis Garrett. Ms. 35650-35654

Day, Samuel J. Letters, 1862 to friends. L. 17534-17536

Dean, John. Diary, 1862. Member Co. C, 97th Regt. PA V. Diary Collection

Deets, Henry, Jr. Letter, June 29, 1862, to friend Hiram, written from Beaufort, S. Carolina. L. 9816

Dudley, E. Letter, February 26, 1863 to William V. Rambo, written from New Bern; concerning rations, etc. L. 17537

Dunnell, William H. Letter, October 26, 1862 to “Friend Scatchard,” concerning a substitute for Scatchard. Ms. 28938

Durnell, Joel B. Diary, 1864. Member Co. N, 192nd Regt. PA V. Diary Collection

Eck, W. H. Letter, January 29, 1864 to “Annie,” poem written from Bristol Station, Va. to classmate at Millersville. L. 16947

Eisenberg, Lewis. Letter, November 28, 1864, to Mrs. Macalisher and Mrs. Grant, about his service as nurse from September 8, 1862 to May 1, 1863 at Filbert St. U. S. A. Hospital, 6th Ward, Philadelphia; wishes to serve again. L. 4442

Evans, Henry S. Letter, August 1, 1864 to Thomas Webster, War news, John Booth sold out by sheriff; account of rebellion; colored men who volunteered for service but were not accepted. Ms. 370

Evans, Lewis H. Letter, July 31, 1862 to Nathan A. Pennypacker. L. 7462

Ferrell, Daniel W. Letters, 1863-1864, to Davis Beaumont. L. 17538-17540

Fetters, Levi. Application, March 11, 1865, to Military Committee, Union League, written from Warren Tavern, Chester Co., Pa., for appointment in Regt. 214. Ms. 108

Finkbiner, Jesse. Letter, August 16, 1861, to Uriah V. Pennypacker, commenting on the war. L. 486

Ford, Rufus D. Diary, 1864. Ford served in 112th Regt. PA V. Diary Collection

Frame, Benjamin. Letter, January 15, 1863, to brother, Ruben Frame. Mentions four of his sons in Army, writing from “near Penningtonville.” Ms. 7521-7522

Gallagher, Frances. Letter, September 11, 1864, discharge of John Q. Pearce from the Army. Ms. 7460

Garrett, Anna M. Diaries, 1865-1890. Garrett makes many remarks on the Civil War, death of Lincoln. Diary Collection

Garrett, J. Wilson. Letter, June 16, 1862, from Philadelphia to his uncle, wrote “Returned Volunteer” at top of letter. Ms. 35672

Gauche, Julius P. Letter from Asst. Adj. General, Washington, April 14, 1862, to J.J. Hayes, awarding commission of Brigade Surgeon. Ms. 7342

Getman, John. Letter, July 1, 1865, from Alexandria, VA to “Friend Emma.” L. 17541

Gettysburg. Invitation to Gettysburg dedication, September 27, 1910. Ms. 14232

Gillies, John D.Papers, 1861-1863. Ms. Collection 180

Glisson, Wilmer W. Records, 1862-1871, related to his discharge, commutation. Ms. 35850-35854

Grand Army of the Republic. Record of local veterans with service information, death dates, etc. Ms. 3009

Grand Army of the Republic. Records of Chester County Posts, 1864-1941. Ms. Collection 107

Grant, U. S. Letter, April 9 and 15, 1865 to R. E. Lee, facsimile of letter concerning surrender. Ms. 28389

Greene, C. W. Letter, 1864, written from Fort Pickins concerning death of Charles Cassidy. L. 17542

Griffith, Abel. Papers, 1864-1865, documents related to his unfitness for duty, honorable discharge and final statement. Ms. 7871-7885

Grimes, Anthony. Letter, 1862 to John Manley. L. 22984

Guss, Frances M. Records, 97th Regt. PA V. Ms. Collection 144

Guss, Henry R. and Francis M. Guss. Letters, 1863-1865. L. 3646-3659

Guthrie, Robert H. Letters, 1862-1865, to Robert L. Johnson. L. 6614-6617

Haines, Eugene. Letter, October 20, 1864, to Aunt Louisa Derrick, from Fortress Monroe, VA. Ms. 13202

[Haines?], Phil. Letter, August, 17, 1865, to Sallie D. Haines, letterhead “Office United States Agent for Exchange of Prisoners, Richmond, VA.” L. 6855

Haines, Philip D. Letter, August 29, 1862, to his parents, written from Camp Stanton, MD. L. 22110 124th Regt.

Haines, Townsend. Letters and lectures on slavery, succession, 1861-1862. L. 22109, Ms. 8985, 8990-8992, 9008-9009, 9012, 9020-9021, 9027,9029, 9033

Haldeman, Cyrus S. [Letter], March 2, 1864, to Col. John Taggert, written from Philadelphia, Pa.; recommendation of Levi Fetters. Ms. 110

Haldeman, I. L. Letter, February 14, 1863, from Major Haldeman to William Potts, Cochranville, Valentine enclosing “hard tack.” Ms. 37079 124th PA V

Hand, Ira. Letters, 1861-1863, to niece “Tillie,” from Camp 14th NJ V. L. 24324-24328

Hannum, Norris Mifflin. Diary, 1862-1863. Hannum served in the 175th Regt. PA V. Diary Collection

Hannum, P. E. Letter, April 2, 1862, to cousin, written from Florida. Member 97th Regt. PA V. L. 17543

Hannum, William B. Discharge from draft, July 25, 1863. Ms. 7007

Harlan, Jones J. Certificate, 1863, of his discharge. Ms. 29064

Harvey, E. Letter, August 16, 1862 to Eugene T. Haines, asks Haines to consider employment as nurse at Chester Hospital; apply to Dr. LeConte, surgeon, pay is $22.50/month, $42 worth of clothes. Ms. 2898

Harvey, James. Receipt, April 20, 1865, for $300, bounty paid by Schuylkill Township School board for each drafted man. Ms. 113

Hayes, Lewis D. Letters, 1864-1865, to his sister, Marietta Hayes, Kennett Square. L. 6756-6762

Hayes, William M. Diaries, 1854-1876. Hayes makes frequent observations on national matters before, during and after the war. Enlists in response to emergency call for volunteers. Member of Independent Battery Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia. Ms. 4165-4184

Heed, William W. Diaries, 1864-1865, while employed by War Department, Washington. Diary Collection

Hershberger, Samuel. Letter, June 9, 1863, to David Walton. Member of Co. I, 175 Regt. PA V. L. 16680

Hickman, John. Letter, August 4, 1862, to J.H. Puleston, asks him to get a leave of absence for D. Morgan Parker, of West Chester, from Secretary Stanton. Ms. 28413

Hickman, William. [Letter], December 8, 1860, to Davis B. Stacey, concerning question of slavery and his views in regard to the south. Ms. 400

Hilton, James. Letters, 1863-1864 to family. L. 17544-17545

Hoopes, Abner. Letters, 1861-1864, to family. L. 6991-6994

Hoopes, James G. Letters, 1861, to family. L. 6995-6996

Hoopes, P. W. Letter, June 4, 1864 to his father, written from Libby Prison, Richmond, Va.; taken prisoner with Dan Young the evening of May 20, near Mechanicsville. Ms. 137

Hoopes, T. S. Letter, April 14, 1865, to his sister, written from Stevenson Station, West VA. Ms. 28832

Hooton, Francis C. [Letter], March 15, 1864, from Col. Hooton to Col. John Taggert, recommendation of Capt. Levi Fetters for post of Field Officer. Ms. 119

Hooton, Mott.Papers, 1854-1920. Ms. Collection 171

Howard, Hannah P. Diary, 1862, Willistown Township. Mentions women going to Media to sew for soldiers. Diary Collection

Hughes, James H. Letters, 1864-1865, to his brothers. Ms. 5330-5334

Humphrey, John and Robert. Letters, 1861-1864. Ms. Collection 153

Hunnickhouse, Virginia. Letter, May 25, 1862, to “My dear cousin,” written from Shepardstown, “from your rebel cousin.” L. 17499

Irwin, Andrew J. Papers, 1854-1909, includes diaries (1862-1865), discharge and pension papers. Member of 17th PA V C. Ms. 4474-4477, 14218, 14231, 28860, 28873, 28877, 28880, 28887

Irwin, William H. Letter, September 13, 1861, to Judge Townsend Haines, pays his respects to the judge before his regiment leaves. Ms. 8945

James, S. E. Letter, 1865, to his “Aunt C.,” written from Fort Monroe, concerning Jeff Davis. L. 20931

James, William L. Letters, February 11 and 26, 1865, to Townsend Haines, from Asst. Quartermaster’s Office, Ft. Monroe, VA. Ms. 8946-8947

Johnson, Lewis T. Certificate, May 1863, of discharge from the Army. Ms. 29415

Jones, D. Letter, 1861, to Uriah Hunt Painter, written from Camp Curtin [Harrisburg, PA]. L. 24976

Jones, Joseph. Letters, September 1861, to F. Griffith. Ms. 35764-35765

Jordon, Fr. Letter, July 27, 1864, from Col. Jordon to Henry Kendig, Sr., concerning death of Henry’s sons and return of their bodies. L. 5974

Kane, Thomas L. Letter, January 25,1863, from Brig. General Kane to Col. Lewis Richmond, Asst. Adj. General, Army of the Potomac, application to have Kane Rifle Regt. assigned to his Brigade. Ms. 28437

Kelly, J. G. Letter, February 16, 1862, to his sister, Lydia A. Kelly. L. 17546

Kendig, Abraham. Letters, 1861-1864, to his parents, Henry and Mary, written from Hilton Head encloses check, salary for self and Harry; $10 toward tombstone for brother John; health matters; attacks of fever. L. 5958-5968, Ms. 364

Kendig, Harry. Letters, 1862-1865, to family. L. 5953-5957

Kendig, J.[John] Heslep. Letters, 1864, to his sisters. Member of 21st Cavalry [note by sister about his death, “shot from his horse two weeks before brother Abram died in hospital.”] L. 5948-5952

Lamborn, Charles B. Letter, 1861, to Uriah Hunt Painter, concerning appointment of Mott Hooton, Captain, body guard to General McClellan. L. 24982

Lamborn, Frank H. Letters, 1863 and undated, to “friend,” member of 124th Pa V. Ms. 10874, 11037-11038

Leech, William A. Letters, 1861-1865, to Uriah Hunt Painter, Washintgon, D.C. Member of 90th Regt. PA V. L. 25007-25013

Letter paper. Example of letter paper used during Civil War. Ms. 33751

Letter [not signed], January 27, 1862, to “Dear Friend,” written from Warsaw Sound, Georgia. L. 17497

Letters [not signed], 1862, written from West Chester, PA, to Lewis H. Evans. L. 7128-7130

Lewis, Edward. Letters, 1861-1865, to his sister, Alice Lewis. L. 5347-5442

Lewis, Robert. Letter, 1862, to his sister, written from Port Royal. L. 17548

Linch, Alexander. Medical certificate, April 15, 1865. Ms. 9904

Lincoln, Abraham. Letter [facsimile], September 4, 1864 to Eliza C. Gurney. Ms. 7383

Locke, William. Letters, 1862-1865, to Robert Johnson. L. 6670-6679

Love, George W. Letters, 1862-1866, to his sister, Margaret T. Love. L. 6020-6062

Love, George. Letter, April 19, 1865, to his sister, describing Lincoln memorial service at Rouseville, PA (Vernango County). Ms. 1008

Love, John. Letter, June 21, 1862, to William Reid, written from camp near Richmond. L. 17549

J. E. M. Letter, January 20,1863, to his Aunt Sarah A. Thomas, from “Camp Newbern, N.C.” L. 2924

McCall, George A. Company Order Book, 1861-1862. Ms. 3195

McCauley, Levi G. Diary, 1862. Member 7th Regt. PA Reserves. Diary Collection

McClure, Samuel T. Letter, 1863, to Lydia A. Kelly. L. 17551

McCurdy, J.[John] H. Letters, 1861-1863. L. 6680-6688, 17552-17553

McDade, Daniel Wesley. Letter, November 31, 1861, to “Dear friend. Member of 1st Regt. PA R. L. 23699

McFarlan, James B., Jr. Letter, 1862, to his parents, written from Wheeling, VA. L. 17798

Magilton, A. L. [Letter], September 15, 1864, to Col. A. G. Curtin, written from Free Military School, 1210 Chestnut St., to Gov. of Pa., with recommendation of Capt. Levi Fetters. Ms. 111

Mann, Alexander. Letter, December 1863, to Adolphus Vandewater, of Dutchess County, NY, regarding death of Vandewater’s son and offers advice on having body returned [Capt. Mann, Co. B. 3rd Infantry, NY V., Folly Island, S. C.] Ms. 10407-10408

March, Jacob M. Diaries, 1862-1864. March served with Co. D, 30th PA. Diary Collection

Marshall, Edward J. Diaries, 1860-1864. Includes references to PA militia and home guards during the Civil War. Ms. 4341-4342

Martin, George. Record, 1863, kept by Dr. Martin of cases at Chester Military Hospital after the battle of Gettysburg, also postmortems. Also, reports, 1863, regarding Confederate soldiers, report of care in Chester Hospital; Medical History of U. S. A. General Military Hospital. [see also Harvey, Chester Hospital, Ms. 2898] Ms. 3443, 140-150

Martin, J. W. Letter, September 15, 1865, to Editor, Village Record, West Chester, PA, written from Winchester, VA. L. 17554

Massey, Isaac. Letter, June 12, 1864, to Joseph L. Garrett, to Goshenville from Cape Disappointment, Washington Territory. L. 17555

Maxton, James L. Letter, August 28, 1862, to Levis B. Pennock, concerning enrollment as being liable to military duty. Ms. 10868

Mercer, Eber T. and Joseph J.Papers, 1854-1865. Ms. Collection 178

Meredith, Isaiah W. Letter, 1863, to Robert Johnson. L. 6696

Meredith, William D. Letters, 1862-1864, to Robert Johnson. L. 6704-6705

Merrell, H. Letter, May 12, 1865, to Major Ordway, Libby Prison, introducing J. J. Parker and lady to visit prison, “Mr. U. Painter accompanies, of the Enquirer [sic].” Ms. 28432

Miller, James B.Papers, 1856-1863. Ms. Collection 179

Miller, Joseph. Certificate, October 12, 1864, as to his military service. Ms. 32118

Miller, Joseph W. Letters, 1861-1862, to Catherine P. Darlington. L. 17556-17562

Mitchell, Thomas. Letter, January 14, 1861, to brother and sisters, written from Mill Creek, describes mood in Delaware. Ms. 10867

Moore, William P. Letter, 1862? to William M. Reid, mailed to Gum Tree. L. 17563

Morgan, Charles Henry. Letter, September 23, 1864, to Mrs. Susanah Miller, written from Fortress Monroe, VA, defends General McClellan. L. 17564

Morgan, J. W. Letters, 1863-1865, written from Virginia. L. 17565, 2815

Murtagh, Joseph T. Diary, 1865. Murtaugh was stationed in Washington at Paymaster General’s Office during end of Civil War and when Lincoln was assassinated. Diary Collection

Myers, Norris. Letters, 1862-1864, to brother and sister. L. 3131- 3136

Newitt, Daniel. Letter, 1861, to Joshua R. Howell, written from Camp Observation. L. 17566

Orne, James H. Letter, April 9, 1865, to Capt. Levi Fetters, written from Union League, Philadelphia, Pa.; returning application for field officer’s position. Ms. 109

Painter family.Papers, 1837-1922. Ms. Collection 124

Painter, Francis J.Papers, 1863-1869. Ms. Collection 172

Painter, Uriah Hunt.Papers, 1859-1890. [Telegrams] Ms. Collection 174

Painter, William. Letter, May 25, 1862, from Capt. Painter to Washington Townsend, written from HQ, Ord’s Division, “Camp Opposite Fredericksburg.” L. 14453

Parke, John. G. Letter, September 9,1862, to Maj. Gen. Hooker, orders to move two divisions (Reno’s). Ms. 28433

Parker, John J. Passes and discharge, 1861-1865. Ms. 33800-33801, 33805-33807, 33817, 33822

Parker, John M. Letters, 1861, written from Camp Observation, MD and Camp at Hampton. L. 24224-24225

Partridge, Walter E. Letters, 1862, to John, written from Camp Rolla, MO, Illinois 36th Regt. USV. L. 23711-23712

Passmore, Carlton J. Letter, February 11, 1863, to sister. L. 09214

Passmore, Mary Mather. Letter, November 2, 1862, to son Carlton J. Passmore. Copy of her grandmother’s letter by E.B. Passmore. L. 9204

Pearce, John Q. Discharge from Army, September 8, 1864. Ms. 7463

Pennock, S. & M. Contractor papers, 1864, for cars built by S. & M. Pennock for the government (“for use of the United States Military RailRoad service.”) Ms. 12466-12468

Pennymaker, Eliza Davis. Diaries, 1884-1894, visits where Stonewall Jackson was wounded and other Civil War battlefields (wife of Dr. Nathan A. Pennypacker). Diary Collection

Pennypacker, Charles H. Letters, 1863. Member 54th PA V. L. 2848-2849, 7018

Pennypacker, Galusha A.Papers, 1860-1914. Ms. Collection 175

Pennypacker, Dr. Nathan A.Papers, 1849-1888. Ms. Collection 176

Pennypacker, Samuel W. Letter, 1863, to his mother, Anna Maria Whitaker Pennypacker. L. 21633

(Pennsylvania Regiments) 1st Regt. PRVC. Records, 1861-1864. Includes accounts, descriptive book, morning reports, roll book (Co. A, C, E). Ms. 3197-3198, 76618-76620

(Pennsylvania Regiments) 10th Regt. PA Militia. Invitation, [not dated], to reunion of Co. A. Ms. 14205

(Pennsylvania Regiments) 97th Regt. PV. Records, 1861-1865. Includes morning reports, company orders, company descriptive book, company clothing record, etc.. Ms. 76609-76613, 32886-32887

(Pennsylvania Regiments) 124th Regt. PV. Records, 1862-1863. Includes morning reports, order book, clothing book, descriptive book, etc. of Co. A. Ms. 3196, 76614-76617, 76521-76523

(Pennsylvania Regiments) 192nd Regt. Records of Co. P., 1864. Ms. 76886-76887

Pifer, George D. [Letter], April 9, 1864, to Eicholtz, 53rd PA V, from camp of 3rd Regt,1st Sgt. Pifer; with instructions to collect bounty for Amos Abbott, Co. C, 53rd Regt. Ms. 102

Potts, William. Diaries, 1857-1928. Potts, of Cochranville, PA, comments on Civil War battles and events. Diary Collection

Powers, Samuel A. Letter, February 26, 1864, to W. Townsend, concerning the draft. L. 14702

Price, Philip. Letter, November 10, 1861,to Elizabeth Taylor Price, concerning her son in service. L. 24425

Price, Rebecca Lane. Journal, 1861-1865, recording her experiences as a volunteer nurse in the Civil War, starts Union Relief Society in Phoenixville; pass from Gov Curtin to deliver supplies to Wind Mill Point; goes to Belle Plain with Mrs. Hester of Philadelphia with supplies to Col. Dobson, Co. G, 1st Pa Reserves; 1863 trip to Gettysburg, delegate to Christian Commission in Baltimore; bro-in-law Elhanar Price, 116th PA, died at Fredericksburg; cousin Galusha Pennypacker wounded planting flag, moved to Chesapeake Hospital for 10 months, then to West Chester. Ms. 76602

Price, William H. Letters, 1862-1864, written while in the Navy during the Civil War. Ms. 35235-35248

Pyle, Lewis. Diary, 1865. Member of Co. G., 1st Delaware Cavalry. Diary Collection

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Ray, James. Letters, 1862-1864, to wife, written from Camp California. L. 21044-21048

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Roberts, Sarah Jane. Diary, 1863. Includes several references to the war: deaths of two soldiers, attendance at a sanitary fair. L. 17177

Robinson, John F. Letter, February 21, 1862, to his nephew, Vincent G. Hazard, written from Camp Wilkes, VA. L. 17784

Rock, J. P. Letter, May 30, 1864, to friend [Tilly Kendig], written from Camp in Virginia, 97th Regt. L. 5972

Ruggles, George D. Letter, October 20, 1862, to Brig. Gen. Reynolds, with report of Jackson’s latest movements, and instructions for Reynolds. Ms. 28430

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Sheaff, C. S. Letters, 1861-1862, to and from his wife. L. 23485-23492

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Shortledge, Joseph. Letters and discharge from Pa. Militia, 1863. Ms. 5188, 5217-5226

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Silvis, George W. Ordinance department accounts, 1863. Ms. 37169

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Sloan, S. I. Letter, April 3, 1863, to brother, written from Phoenixville, comments on the war. L. 17570

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Society of the 97th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers.Records, 1861-1939. Ms. Collection 170

Speakman, Charles. Letters, 1861-1875. Ms. Collection 157

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Turner, John P. History of the Brandywine Guards, 1st Regt, PA Reserve Corp. Ms. 28911

Turner, William H. Letter, 1862, to Sallie J. Hagerty, Downingtown. L. 22748 and also diaries, 1862-1864. Member Co. A, 1st Regt. Infantry PA RVC, wounded at Gettysburg. Diary Collection

Tustin, Joseph J. Account book of State, County and Militia taxes received from townships, 1860. Ms. 77067

United States Sanitary Commission. Circular, June 1864, of the William Penn Parlor Committee (Eli K. Price, chairman) at the Great Central Fair in aid of the U. S. Sanitary Commission. Ms. 7345

Vanderwater, Francis. Letter, September 23, 1863, to his parents, written from Folly Island. Ms. 10409. Also biographical sketch. Ms. 10416

Way, Albert. Letters, 1861-1864, to family and to sons, Joseph and William, in the service. L. 8554-8568, 8672, 8717-8724

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Way, William J. Letters, 1862-1864, to his parents, Albert and Rachel. L. 8684, 8725-8738

Wells, J. Hervey. Diary, 1861-1895. Wells, of Berks County, begins diary at age 14, includes Civil War events. Ms. 3149

WestGoshenTownship, Chester County, PA. Subscription list, not dated, to raise money to pay for substitutes, to avoid a draft for West Goshen Township. Ms. 29395

WestPikelandTownship, Chester County, PA. Notice of meeting, not dated, in West Pikeland Township to raise bounty money for men in the draft. Ms. 33726

Whitehead, Anna L. Autograph album, with autographs of Army officers, and letter to Mr. Wm. W. Heed, April 16, 1864. Ms. 3004

Whitehead, Paul F. Commissions and certificate of discharge, 1863-1865, Ms. 13508, 13511, 13513

Williams, Robert. Letter, 1862, to Gov. Curtin concerning the 97th Regt. Ms. 32887

Williams, V. Sick leave for Lt. M. H. Stacy, from Asst. Adj. Gen. Williams. July 11, 1862. Ms. 118

Winship, WilliamW. Pass for Walter Walton. Ms. 13162

Wollerton, William. Application for relief for Mr. Carrs, September 11, 1861, sent to Joseph W. Thomas, (Carrs mustered in Aug 20 1861). Ms. 96

Wood, J., et. Al. Letter, 1864, to Andrew G. Curtin, from Wood, P. Frazier Smith, Wilmer Worthington, Francis James, U. V. Pennypacker, Capt. F. L. Christman, Wayne McVeaugh, William Butler and Townsend Haines of West Chester, PA, recommending Col. Galusha Pennypacker appointment in National Guard. Ms. 116

Worrall, Charles. Letter, 1862, to his wife. Ms. 29412

Worrall, George. Receipt, December 7 1865, Freeman’s Aid Society. Ms. 5232

Worthington, William. Letter, February 15, 1863, from Newbern, N.C., to Cliff Hemphill. L. 7008

Wright, Joseph S. Discharge from army, July 20, 1864 and 1899 record of service. Ms. 28929-28930

Wyers, William F. Lecture, 1862, claims of an enlightened patriotism due to the present national crisis. Ms. 8828

Young, S. Warner. Letter, 1863, to Uriah Hunt Painter, with text of letter written by Geffrey P. Davis from Annapolis, MD, Camp Parole, for inclusion in newspaper [tells of experience in Libby Prison]. L. 25371

Zook, Elizabeth. Letters, 1862-1865, to her brother, Jacob, about her experiences as a nurse at Union Hospital, Georgetown and U.S. General Hospital, Hampton, VA. L. 10249-10253


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